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            Residential Vacuums

            Our vacuum products combine sturdy construction with powerful performance to make cleaning living areas and garages easy.

            RIDGID Vacuums

            RIDGID Wet/Dry Vacs

            If you're a DIYer, you need a vacuum that will get the job done – no matter what the day throws at you.?Available in a number of sizes and in both wet and dry models, RIDGID shop vacuums set the industry standard for durability and performance while offering innovative features like the Qwik Lock? Filter System and Scroll Noise Reduction? technology.


            WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacs

            Our full line of wet/dry vacs, air movers, filters and accessories give you the power you need to tackle messes of all sizes. With over five decades of experience behind them, our WORKSHOP vacuums are designed with you in mind and combine durable construction along with impressive suction to give you unsurpassed performance you can count on.

            ProVac FS 6_power nozzle_residential

            ProTeam Commercial Vacuums

            Our cutting-edge backpack and upright products allow residential cleaning professionals?to easily clean in and around obstacles, detail clean, and clean more area in less time. Whether you’re looking to improve air quality, cut down on vacuuming time or just want a cleaner environment, our ProTeam brand delivers with a full line of innovative vacuuming solutions. ?

            C007 HardwoodOverhead

            Power up your productivity

            3X faster than the average upright, our versatile and lightweight backpack vacuums give you a better clean in a fraction of the time.

            See the advantages
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