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            Ultrasonic Cleaning

            Branson’s ultrasonic vapor degreasers, aqueous systems and components ensure you meet your target cleanliness goals.

            Advanced Automated Cleaning Paired with Expert Support

            Where ?extreme accuracy and cleanliness is a must, we provide end-to-end industrial cleaning solutions that will maximize uptime at your facilities.

            Branson has delivered over 70 years of no-compromise cleaning technologies and support to medical, electronics, aerospace and industrial manufacturers.?

            We provide standard, customized, benchtop and fully automated solutions that support a wide range of chemistry options. Our aqueous and degreaser solvent systems can control your entire cleaning process.

            How It Works

            Ultrasonic Cleaning

            Our precision cleaning laboratory is well-equipped to provide you with precise and accurate cleanliness measurement, utilizing methods such as gas chromatography to characterize organic residues and gravimetric analysis to help you determine if your parts are clean. Applying our technology and experience, we can recommend the proper combination of equipment and process to implement in your mission to meet your cleaning objective.

            The Process

            The object to be cleaned is placed in a tank of water or cleaning solvent. The entire tank is then subjected to high frequency pressure sonic waves that vibrate the liquid at extremely high frequencies. This agitation produces cavitation and strong forces that act on any contaminates on the object and inside any holes or recesses within the object. These forces dislodge any foreign material and remove it from the object. Efficiency can be increased even more by automating the process.


            Branson ultrasonic cleaning equipment has proven to be reliable and effective in dozens of applications in a variety of markets. From industrial parts to precision medical devices to laboratory processes, the variety of models available, standard or custom, offers the reliable quality and optional features to suit virtually any precision-cleaning need.

            Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

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