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          1. Turning Information into Value

            Innovative Roxar solutions both enlighten and empower customers with reliable, actionable data within the O&G value chain.? By providing a continuous information flow, Roxar products consistently guide customers to make more informed decisions about production and integrity.? This results in maximized performance throughout the lifecycle of the well, along with increased profitability.

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            Corrosion and Erosion can have a significant impact on the safety and operational profitability of your plant. Emerson has a full range of complementary best-in-class monitoring technologies to adapt to various applications in your plant

            The Latest

            News Release

            Emerson Expands its Advanced Reservoir Modeling Software Solution to Enhance Workflow Automation...

            Roxar RMS 11.1 enables users to work smarter by offering advanced technologies for building, maintaining and visualizing reservoir models
            Jul 16, 2019
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            News Release

            Downhole Reservoir Network First to Connect Wireless Sandface Data to Upper Completion for...

            Emerson and Metrol solve complex challenges with the wireless Intelligent Multistage Completion Network? for reservoir insights from the sandface
            Apr 24, 2019
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            News Release

            Emerson Upgrades Reservoir Engineering Suite to Offer Easier Interoperability with Existing...

            Tempest 8.4 provides new options for embedding Emerson technology inside existing IT environments
            Apr 15, 2019
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