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            Dynamic Simulation

            Reduce the cost, risk, and complexity of operations using dynamic simulation with Mimic.

            Deliver dynamic simulation solutions with Mimic Simulation Software

            Dynamic simulation with Mimic Simulation Software provides accurate and real-time simulation of plant behaviors. Made for users with process automation experience, not simulation experts, Mimic automatically integrates with DeltaV or other offline control systems. Use the exact same operator graphics and controls to test configurations and train new or inexperienced operators.

            For more information on how Mimic supports Emerson’s Digital Twin solutions, refer to the white paper “Emerson Digital Twin: A Key Technology for Digital Transformation.


            How it Works

            Improve Plant Performance

            Mimic simulates accurate and real-time plant behaviors. Choose the complexity of the model and scale it as necessary through the lifecycle of the plant. The dynamic simulation can be used to test new control design ideas to make sure there are no adverse effects, as well as train your operators to better handle usual or unusual situations.

            Minimize Unscheduled Downtime

            Unscheduled downtime can result from operators responding incorrectly to situations or from known and unknown errors in control system configuration. Dynamic simulation allows you to test new engineering changes before commissioning and train operators on startup, shutdown, abnormal situations, and infrequent plant upsets.

            Reinforce Safety Procedures

            Without a thorough understanding of the process, operators won’t know how to adapt and act in certain process safety events. Dynamic simulation allows you to compress time so that operators learn the appropriate actions to take in abnormal events that typically take years of experience to learn.

            Reduce Project Risk

            Project risks include schedule compression, operators not ready, and unproven control strategy. Develop dynamic simulation parallel to the control system development to realize its benefits before commissioning. Mimic provides built-in tools to automate and increase the quality of testing and training.

            Applied Solutions

            Services & Consulting

            Lifecycle Services

            Guardian Support for Mimic

            Our Global Service Centers support all your service requirements or technical queries.

            Consulting Services

            Simulator Recovery Service

            In the case of system loss, Emerson provides simulation restoration services.

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