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          1. Oil worker supervising gas pressure in pipelines on plant

            Safety Instrumented Systems

            Take a modern approach to increase safety integrity while improving process availability.

            Safer, More Reliable Process Operations

            Emerson’s safety instrumented systems - whether standalone or integrated with a control system - helps you reliably protect your assets and improve your process availability.

            Safety Instrumented Systems

            The Latest

            Control Engineering - Sustainable Cybersecurity Architecture for Safety Instrumented Systems

            Choosing a safety instrumented system (SIS) architecture for defensible operation across the product lifecycle is one of the first decisions an...
            Jun 6, 2019
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            News Release

            Emerson helps BP Whiting refinery avoid downtime while improving safety and reliability

            BP chose Emerson to upgrade the process control system of two fluid catalytic cracking units at its Whiting, Indiana refinery.
            Feb 1, 2016
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            News Release

            Emerson automation technology and expertise to help Sasol more than triple its chemical...

            Emerson’s automation technology and expertise will help Sasol more than triple its chemical production in the United States.
            Oct 13, 2015
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